What is Google’s Project IDX?

What is Google's Project IDX?

Google says it has started Project IDX as an experimental initiative that aims to bring developers’ entire full-stack, multiplatform app development workflow to the cloud. Google is bringing this project to make app development easier.

This projest comes with some unique features and has huge potential to influence the developer community. Here we try to understand what Project IDX really is and where Google is going with it.

What is Project IDX?

Project IDX is an IDE or Integrated Development Environment. It can be thought of as a “Super IDE”, an AI-assisted browser-based development experience on the Google Cloud powered by Codey.

To put it simply, it is Google’s new tool for developers, which is like a digital workshop where they can easily create apps and software. It is integrating AI empowering features like helpful chatbots, code completion, contextual code actions, etc.

With this project, Google aims to make it extremely easy for developers to build applications for smartphones, desktop and the web. It is designed to work seamlessly with other services offered by Google.

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